In 1590, noble family Tartalja from Split built stone made land house by the sea in Kastel Luksic. They were traveling from Split to Kastela with carriage to come to their beautiful vacation house. As years were passing, following owners of the Villa were family Ambrozini and family Cambi.

In 1908 dr. Henrik Šoulavy bought the house from the Cambi family.

In 1909 dr. Henrik Šoulavy opened the first pension and tourism in Kastela Riviera has been developing since then.

The preserved guest book says that the guests were coming from European countries and even different continents. The guests in the pension were staying mostly for a period of 15 days or for the month..The book says that the most frequent guest was D.C.Augustus from Oak Park, Illinois,U.S.A

Now days, Villa Soulavy has more than 100 years of tradition in tourism. We have guests from all European countries and from all continents.

We welcome you to come and stay in Villa Šoulavy